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Katie is a 200 hr Progressive Ashtanga Yoga teacher who found her love for yoga by accident when she moved to DC from Indiana. A former gymnast, Katie quickly developed a passion for the practice and has been transformed ever since. With a background in Baptiste, Prana Flow and Vinyasa styles, Katie found a home in the Ashtanga Yoga Method when she began a Mysore practice in 2013 and a Rocket practice not long after. Katie attributes her style and technique to her teachers David Kyle, Marie Belle Perez Rivera, Carson Calhoun and Irene Pappas. She has also studied with Kino MacGregor, who tremendously impacted her practice.

Katie's true passion as a teacher is to provide a space where practitioners learn to open the body in order to access the more subtle features of the mind/body connection. To her, yoga is not about the physical postures, but rather what they have to teach us about our inner selves. She believe these revelations come through challenging the body and observing mind's response.