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Khepera Wellness is a collective of yoga practitioners and teachers dedicated to sharing the power of the practice of yoga. We offer evolutionary yoga classes that challenge students to develop deeper understanding of the mind, body, and soul. 


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THE Fader

"The practice of Yoga is usually associated with silence, but in instructor Brandon Copeland’s classes, he challenges his students to find inner peace over booming rap beats. In 2013, the 26-year-old opened a Washington D.C.-based yoga studio, Khepera Wellness, after feeling like the essence of black culture was being excluded from majority-white yoga spaces in the area. The outcome: Trap Yoga — a course intended to both challenge the limits of one’s physicality and speak to the culture’s inherent spirituality. In addition to Trap Yoga, his most-popular offering, Copeland and his girlfriend and business partner, Lauren Turner, teach a Black Girl Magic class. It was developed in response to Sandra Bland’s 2015 death and the #SayHerName movement, a social justice campaign intended to raise awareness about the flood of black women who were senselessly killed by law enforcement in the last half-decade."

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THE Washington post 

"Copeland wants to disrupt the notion that yoga, despite its origins in India, is the domain of upwardly mobile white people. Throughout his training and teaching, Copeland, who is African American, felt alienated, sensing white practitioners’ unease at his presence and fighting to fit into a yoga culture that can seem elitist..."

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Circa (VIDEO)

"Regular yogis might be surprised to learn that aside from the music, trap yoga isn't all that different from a traditional yoga class. Students use their breath to lead their movements and use the music to relax into different poses. Copeland says the music is what helps students power through when poses become hard. He encourages his students to go where the music takes them: "That idea of trapping or hustling. Creating something out of nothing."

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"Trap music has always helped me work harder. There is something about the way that the music is produced that draws out the best of me. I like how artists connect with the soul of the listener. Aspirations, hard work, and the problems of life are the content that fills dope, heavy beats. When I hear trap music, I want to be better, do better. I feel the same way on the mat. I am consistently using what I already have to get what I need and have to recognize that my circumstances do not determine the outcome of my life. The journey is the destination in trap music and in yoga, especially in power yoga..."

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Good morning Washington

"Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines and when paired with Trap music and an exceptional teacher it's a one of a kind experience! Khepera Wellness Owner and Yoga Instructor Brandon Copeland talked all about his new Trap Yoga class and even demonstrated some poses with WJLA's Jummy. For more information about class schedules at Khepera Wellness, visit..."

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