Khepera Wellness

Evolve Your Self

Khepera Wellness is a neighborhood yoga studio nestled on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington D.C.

We offer affordable classes that challenge students to evolve their relationships with mind, body, and soul. 


Kaitlin first began practicing yoga in college as a transition from fast-paced team sports to a form of individual and introspective exercise, and fell in love with the lasting effects the practice has on her life off the mat. Yoga gave Kaitlin the physical benefits she needed to stay active, and also allowed her to expand her lungs through pranayama, finding freedom to breathe after years of battling asthma. Now, as a runner, Kaitlin uses yoga to not only recover from long runs, but also to build the mental and physical strength and flexibility to go the extra miles in training.

As a Special Education Teacher, Kaitlin brings to her classes a consideration of all ability levels, but hopes to guide students to finding their edge as they deepen their yoga practices. Encouraging kindness, self-love, and playfulness, Kaitlin enjoys teaching yogis of all ages. Building mindfulness, boosting self-esteem, and inspiring healthy life habits in children is Kaitlin’s passion, in her classroom and anywhere a yoga mat can go! Kaitlin received her 200-hour teacher training in 2015, as well as her kids’ yoga certification through YoKid and Circle Yoga Budding Yogis.