Khepera Wellness

Evolve Your Self

Khepera Wellness is a neighborhood yoga studio nestled on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington D.C.

We offer affordable classes that challenge students to evolve their relationships with mind, body, and soul. 


Jarrick Browner is recognized by his friends, family, and peers as a truly dedicated yogi. Fascinated by anatomy, his drive and passion for yoga exudes not only in his practice, but throughout his everyday life.  He chose to begin practicing upon the brink of leaving his mundane everyday job and fell in love with the physical and mental aspects of yoga.  His loved ones were so amazed at how quickly he progressed in his practice that they continuously encouraged him to teach others.  He took their advice and completed a 200-hour yoga certification.  Breathing, mediation, and mindfulness exercises are important so he brings those aspects into his classes.  Expect a breath-focused workout, and expect to sweat.  He starts the room around 75°F.  Jarrick’s enthusiasm has even encouraged many of his friends and family members to begin living a healthier lifestyle, exercising, and becoming more aware of their body's, breath and themselves.