Khepera Wellness

Evolve Your Self

Khepera Wellness is a neighborhood yoga studio nestled on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington D.C.

We offer affordable classes that challenge students to evolve their relationships with mind, body, and soul. 

Stacy Brooks 

Stacy firmly believes that yoga can change your life in the best of ways. Her yoga journey started in 2003 when she pressed “play” on a yoga workout tape in her living room. While she enjoyed many types of exercise, yoga stood out from day one for the way it challenged and harmonized both body and mind. Since then, yoga has become an integral part of her life that she relies on for its grounding, calming, and balancing effects. She realized that the transformative benefits and peace that yoga brings were gifts that she wanted to share with friends and strangers alike. 

Stacy graduated from Yoga District's Teacher Training in 2011 and has been teaching (and loving it!) ever since. She has also been certified in Pilates and often incorporates Pilates-inspired core-focused poses into her classes. She loves to focus on alignment and teaching fundamental Hatha yoga asanas that empower students to grow stronger and build their practice, both in studio and at home. 

In her classes, expect a light-hearted upbeat asana practice both accessible and challenging to students of all levels. Most classes also feature a fun playlist that incorporates classic and neo-soul, jazz or bossa nova music. 

"Yoga is for Every Body."