If you seek the presence of a yoga instructor to help deal with specific imbalances in life the private yoga class is for you. Our instructors are skilled in understanding the body and can help bring attention to blockages you have there. Over time your instructor will get to know your emotional habits in the body. This info (I store stress in my shoulders) will allow for the instructor to understand your emotional and mental lifestyle and offer poses specific to your growth. As your practice grows your instructors understanding of your ideal state of balance grows and your curriculum changes to fit your needs. 


Register for a private or small group class and save when you commit to 5 or more classes. Sign up through the private intake form.


Experience Level: Moderate
Vibes: Trap Music, Hip Hop


On Saturdays we celebrate life. Trap Yoga Brunch is everything it sounds like: an invigorating Trap Yoga morning class followed by our ‘traditional’ post class shot and complimentary mimosa. This celebration of life is your chance during the weekend to let your hair down and lift up like minded folks. The party starts right after class with brunch available on the rooftop of Red Rocks on H St NE. Come by for class or stop by for the post class turn up. 


Drinks are provided with your ticket purchase. Check for the early bird tickets and bring your friends. Click the link below to preschedule this class for birthdays and corporate events.


Experience Level: Beginner
Vibes: Neo-Soul


The Khepera Wellness Yoga in Schools program is designed to engage students from kindergarten to college. With age appropriate messages of self awareness, emotional health and  breath control we connect to students to encourage self reliance on their learning journey. The body is the tool we use to study and grow. We believe firmly that a fine-tuned body provides for the best possible learning experience. Our classes focus on the socio-emotional journey students go on when pursuing their scholarly goals, while incorporating anatomy and psychology.  


Experience Level: Beginner
Vibes: R&B, Jazz, Instrumental


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