Khepera Wellness

Located within

The Dance Institute of Washington

(3400 14th St NW). 

Khepera Wellness is a collective of yoga practitioners and teachers dedicated to sharing the power of the practice of yoga. We offer evolutionary yoga classes that challenge students to develop deeper understanding of the mind, body, and soul. 


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Pumping afrobeats push you through this class to your greatest potential! House music inspires a sense of movement through rhythm, creating a smooth and relaxing flow through the class. We will explore some long standing Ashtanga yoga poses using about twice the amount of time for our breathing and for posing. The house starts bumping every Tuesday so come out and get moving!

trap yogA

Trap Yoga is a special weekly class held at the studio that mixes Power Yoga with Trap Music. This form of hip hop is bass heavy with themes ranging from working hard to being your best self. These classes will challenge you and encourage you to bring levity to a practice that requires you to be tough. Music choices may change but the intent will be the same: work hard and Evolve Your Self. This class is great for Intermediate to Advanced Students. 


Black girl magic

Black Girl Magic is a Yin OR Slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga experience celebrating the beauty and strength of Black women. The class serves as a safe space for Black women to pursue health and wellness together with all other groups of people dedicated to uplifting black women. Yes, you can come to class if you are male, transgender, white, black, etc. "As long as you are willing to listen to and uplift black women you are welcome to come."  Created by and for Black women, this yoga class transcends to our inhale discussions once a month which will focus on the state of Black women in America and provide an avenue for women to have fellowship and support for one another. Join us for the inspirational music of Black female artists and the camaraderie of like minded individuals. 


The vinyasa is a series of poses that keep students moving between asana on different sides of the body. Vinyasa classes allow for students to "flow" from one pose to the next without stopping breath or focus. Students are encouraged to integrate intention, breath, movement, awareness, and focus with alignment and asana. Classes will include different postures each time allowing teachers to add their creative flair and expertise to the sequences. Vinyasa yoga classes are great for Beginner to Intermediate students. Try Black Girl Magic Vinyasa if you're a first timer! 

Interested in curating an event expereince? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll make it happen.