Khepera Wellness

Rocket Yoga

Brandon Copeland 


Brandon began practicing yoga as a way to relieve mental stress and focus on being more mindful. The journey he has been on, exploring the body's capabilities and opportunities,  has brought joy, love, and insight to his personal life and to the lives of others. He is a graduate of Yoga District's 200 hour teacher training and has received hundreds of more hours of instruction on asana, alignment, nutrition, and philosophy from many dynamic yogis including: David Kyle, Marie Belle Perez Riviera, and James Brown. Brandon became interested in yoga at Howard University where he went on to get a bachelors of science in Psychology with a minor focus on Philosophy. Brandon encourages you to be creative on your mat and create your own practice one pose at a time.  He finds ways to challenge the most advanced, as well as the new and unsure, students. His mission is to enlighten people to their own potential and to help cultivate their internal sources of power, creativity and love.

 "I believe learning the process to attaining your goals is much more important than achieving them in the long run. By staying focused on hard work, dedication, and tenacity one grows an understanding of HOW to obtain success. People are better able to manifest their needs when they understand how to focus their actions and thoughts. Rocket yoga challenges the mind and body simultaneously, providing a mental and physical lesson on using focus to achieve challenging poses.